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 Labia Majora Reduction Surgery 

reduction surgery is performed for patients who feel that their labia majora (hair bearing outer vaginal lips) are too bulky or too floppy. (See testimonials) Enlarged labia majora can be genetic and have excessive fatty deposits, be a result of childbirth or due to a dramatic amount of weight loss. Depending upon the condition and the physician's assessment there are a number of ways to address your problem. It is not as simple as saying that all patients need a reduction and that every patient would then get the same surgical procedure to fix their problem. Having an experienced surgeon who has seen this many times before will decrease the chance of you getting the wrong surgical procedure. The experience of the surgeon is essential in choosing the correct procedure for you. Be sure to choose your surgeon well! 






(clitoral hoodectomy) 


The prepuce or the clitoral hood is located directly over the clitoris and acts as a protective barrier to the clitoris. Excess prepuce is actually excessive clitoral hood and is not a second layer but the same original clitoral hood, which is just excessive. It is not a second structure just an abundance of the same structure and usually helps to completely cover the clitoris.Excess prepuce is not usually removed but only reduced so the patient can have easier access to the clitoral gland for stimulation.The reduction of the excessive prepuce is called "clitoral hood reduction or clitoral hoodectomy." Most often this procedure is performed for functional reasons.