Single Incision Abdominal Laparoscopy from Covidien  



Friday, April 24, 2009

Single Incision Abdominal Laparoscopy from Covidien

Having received FDA approval last January for its single incision laparascopic port, Covidien is finally launching the product to market. By using a single incision and special articulating instruments that work together through one navel port, surgeons can almost completely negate any visible signs of an operation.

From Covidien about the device:

The SILS(TM) Port is a single, flexible port that may be fitted through a small incision in the umbilicus that results in a single "hidden scar," a cosmetic advance over the multiple visible scars associated with standard multi-port laparoscopy. The port has the capacity for up to three laparoscopic instruments.

"SILS(TM) Port is the first device specifically indicated for multiple instrument access to the abdomen through a single incision," said Bob DeSantis, Vice President, Mechanical Devices, Research and Development, Covidien. "Covidien led the first surgical revolution with multi-port laparoscopic surgery, and we are now leading the way again with SILS(TM) procedures," he added.

The SILS(TM) Port is designed to offer surgeons an immediate advancement in patient care. When the SILS(TM) Port is combined with several other devices in the Company's portfolio, surgeons will have a complete toolbox available for this new and emerging technique.

Laparoscopic procedures performed through a single incision are a significant evolution in the world of surgery. While laparoscopy traditionally offers better patient outcomes than does the open approach, including less pain and improved cosmesis, SILS(TM) procedures have the potential to dramatically extend these benefits.

Video of a SILS™ cholecystectomy and commentary By Dr. Michael Tarnoff - Associate Professor of Surgery, Tufts University School of Medicine; Attending Surgeon, Tufts Medical Center: