وسیله ای جدید برای کمک به انجام زایمان طبیعی  

The Cook Cervical Ripening Balloon 


بالون متسع کننده دهانه رحم  






این وسیله در کسانی که دهانه رحم انها بیش از اندازه سفت و برای زایمان طبیعی 

مناسب نمی باشد در شب قبل از اینداکشن زایمان مورد استفاده قرار میگیرد 

و اثرات خوبی داشته است  

در گذشته نیز بصورت سنتی از سوند فولی برای این کار استفاده میشد ولی استفاده از این وسیله راحتتر می باشد. 

the recent Annual Clinical Meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Cook Medical introduced its Cervical Ripening Balloon catheter, a device designed to accelerate cervical dilation prior to the induction of labor.

The first of two balloons is inflated on the uterine side of the cervix; the second is then inflated in the vaginal side of the cervix.

The two balloons adapt to the contour of the cervical canal minimizing discomfort for the patient. When the catheter is removed, cervical conditions should have improved to a favorable state to allow for induction of labor and active labor management...

The Cook Cervical Ripening Balloon is engineered to naturally and gradually dilate the cervix and facilitate labor induction. Ripening and dilation is accomplished by the balloons' gentle and constant pressure at the level of the cervix from both the internal and external ostia.

  • Safely ripens and dilates the cervix without pharmaceuticals
  • Eliminates the potential side effects of repeat medications
  • Silicone balloons adapt to the contour of the cervical canal
  • Easily placed and quickly removed
  • Press release: Cook Medical Introduces Devices to Naturally Prepare Pregnant Women for Labor Induction ...