مقایسه تصویر سونوگرافی 4D با تصویر بعد از تولد 



4D Ultrasound  


Real-Time Motion Helps Physicians Monitor Pregnancies & Medical Conditions

P/SL Labor & Delivery recently unveiled its new ultrasound technology – a 4D ultrasound – that is already widely recognized for its clinical use in obstetrics and gynecology.  The 4D ultrasound (officially named the GE Voluson 730) is a new, powerful tool that can aid physicians studying the baby’s motion and behavior, the baby’s surface anatomy, and problems related to a woman’s uterus and ovaries.  While traditional ultrasound images are two-dimensional and force a doctor to create three-dimensional images in his/her mind, the fourth dimension is “real-time motion” added to three-dimensional images.  This technology has the potential to expand OB services and diagnoses, as well as other diagnostic capabilities.

“For the untrained eye, traditional 2D ultrasound images can be difficult to read.  GE’s 4D ultrasound technology makes it very easy for me to show my patients what they are viewing inside their body, especially expectant parents seeing their baby for the first time,” said Richard Porreco, M.D., Maternal Fetal Medicine at P/SL.

“On other ultrasound systems, my doctor pointed to my baby’s anatomy on the monitor and I couldn’t understand what the doctor was trying to explain,” said one mother-to-be, a patient from Denver, CO. “With the 4D ultrasound, the quality was amazing. I even think I saw the baby smile. The images made me feel close to her.”

P/SL is proud to be among nearly 200 hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices around the United States and 600 locations around the world that have installed the new 4D ultrasound at their facilities