Birth control pill for 2-4 weeks

Add Lupron – and continue the Pill – for 5 days 

Stop the Pill – continue Lupron 

Expect vaginal bleed 3-7 days after stopping the pill – continue Lupron only

Ultrasound and estradiol (blood test) 

If satisfactory, start Fertility Medications (Follistim, Gonal-F, Repronex or  



After 5 days of Medications check estradiol and possible ultrasound 

Further monitoring until follicles are “ready” 

Trigger with hCG (Ovidrel)-  Average 10 days of Medications 

Egg retrieval, 2 days after hCG – Fertilization – Embryo culture

Embryo transfer: Day 2-5 after retrieval 

Pregnancy test: 14 days after retrieval 

After 3 days of Medications check estradiol