جراحی پلاستیک 


امروزه جراحی پلاستیک در بازسازی نسوج آسیب دیده و بهبود شکل ظاهری و رفع آنومالیها پیشرفتهای زیادی نموده است . در این میان جراحی زنان نیز از این پیشرفتها بی بهره نبوده است. 

آنجه مسلم است زایمانهای مکرر- شیردهی و علل مادرزادی موجب تغییر شکلهای گوناگونی در بدن زنان میشود که گاها تاثیر سوئی بر روی اعتماد به نفس و کیفیت زندگی آنان دارد  

انواع اعمال جراحی پلاستیک و تصاویری از آنان در ادامه مطلب آورده میشود 




ENLARGEMENT (Augmentation Mammoplasty):
This involves increasing the size of the breast through implants. A small incision is made in either the fold of the breast, in the armpit, or at the edge of the nipple areola complex. SSCS utilizes both silicone and saline breast implants


REDUCTION (Reduction Mammoplasty):
This procedure is most-often performed on women with disproportionately large breasts to relieve physical discomforts such as backaches and irritation at the crease of the breasts, and can serve to make physical activity easier and more comfortable. It can also be done for purely aesthetic reasons. This procedure, the effects of which are permanent, can be beneficial at any age; however, it's best performed after breasts are fully developed. This procedure is not recommended for women who want to breastfeed, since ducts leading to and from the nipple may need to be severed.


Exciting new medical advances have made it possible to create a breast -- using a woman's own body tissue, not implants -- that comes remarkably close in matching the form and appearance of a natural one. In fact, reconstruction is now possible immediately following a mastectomy, so that a woman can wake up with a breast mound already in place, and be spared the anguish of seeing herself with a breast missing.


LIFT (Mastopexy):
This procedure, the virtual equivalent of a facelift, is performed to give sagging breasts a more uplifted, youthful appearance


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قبل از عمل 



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بعد از عمل



کلپورافی قدامی و خلفی 



 سیستوسل شدید 

افتادگی مثانه  

(قبل از عمل)  


حین عمل   



حین عمل  




بعد از عمل



















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پرده بکارت سالم  



پرده بکارت پاره شده 



 Procedure Performed: Hymenoplasty

Before hymenoplasty


During hymenoplasty

After hymenoplasty

Outcome: The patient had a successful trip to the Middle East and enjoyed her wedding. She had painful intercourse on her wedding night but was ecstatic that she bled and was able to prove her virginity to her new husband and family. 




(لیپوساکشن چربی ناحیه مونس پوبیس(روی عانه 


Mons pubis liposuction 







برداشتن کلیتورال هود  


Clitoral hood removal 


Clitoral Hood Reduction Excess skin on the sides of the clitoris often causes the clitoris to look enlarged or uneven. Genetics, estrogen, and testosterone exposure can make significant changes in the way the clitoral area appears. A labiaplasty itself may result in the appearance of a relatively larger clitoral area since the excess labia have been removed drawing the eyes to the clitoral region. Dr. Alinsod offers an exceptionally precise surgery for women seeking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their genital area by excising the extra folds of skin lateral to the clitoris. The clitoris itself and its nerves are never touched. This is NOT clitoral mutilation or clitoral un-hooding. Clitoral Hood Reduction is done in the office under local anesthesia. The procedure takes 30 minutes to perform..

* Please note: all the photos show labiaplasty WITH clitoral hood reduction 



جوان سازی واژن 

vaginal rejuvanation  






قبل از عمل   


 قبل از عمل از نمای نزدیک (پارگی بدنبال زابمان طبیعی) 




بلافاصله بعد از عمل  




دو ماه بعد از عمل