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احتمال لانه گزینی جنین در اعمال ای وی اف ومیکرواینجکشن بعمل میاید تاثیر زیادی در  

بهبود بخشیدن به میزان لانه گزینی  نداشته است .  


Source: Fertility and Sterility 2008; Advance online publication  


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Laser zona pellucida thinning 'ineffective'
Source: Fertility and Sterility 2008; Advance online publication

Assessing the benefits of laser zona pellucida thinning in women undergoing IVF who have a good probability of success.

MedWire News: Laser thinning of the zona pellucida does not improve pregnancy or live birth rates in women undergoing IVF who have a good prognosis, shows a randomized trial.

The ability of various techniques such as laser thinning to encourage embryo hatching is uncertain.

Of particular note, "there is a lack of clinical studies on the impact of assisted hatching in the subpopulation of younger, good-prognosis patients," write Hanna Balakier (Create Fertility Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) and colleagues.

Balakier and associates therefore studied outcomes following IVF in 39 women aged 37 years or less.

They report that clinical pregnancy occurred in 16 of the 45 women who underwent laser zona pellucida thinning as part of their IVF treatment and 18 of the 39 women who did not.

Similarly, 13 of the 45 women whose embryos were treated with laser thinning gave birth to live babies while 16 of the 39 women whose embryos were not thinned had live births.

Dichorionic multiple pregnancies were slightly more common after zona pellucida thinning than in patients who did not undergo thinning.

"Our data did not reveal any significant beneficial effect of laser zona thinning on clinical outcome in good-prognosis patients aged 37 years," summarize the investigators.

Posted: 29 September 2008

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