تاثیر نوعی چسب برای کمک به لانه گزینی جنین به هنگام IVF

Impact of EmbryoGlue as the embryo transfer medium.

Hazlett WD, Meyer LR, Nasta TE, Mangan PA, Karande VC

Karande and Associates, S.C., 1585 North Barrington Road, Suite 406, Hoffman Estates, IL

60194, USA. davidhazz@sbcglobal.net

Routine use of EmbryoGlue did not significantly improve pregnancy or implantation rates in nonselected patients receiving either a day 3 or day 5 embryo transfer compared with standard culture media. Future prospective randomized studies need to be performed to determine whether EmbryoGlue is beneficial in a selected patient population.

Published 1 July 2008 in Fertil Steril, 90(1): 214-6.